What’s Happening at the Library this month

Storytimes – 

  • Monday evenings at 5:30 pm
  • Wednesdays at 10:00 am 
  • Saturdays at 11 am in English and 11:30 in Spanish


Are you interested in learning a new game to play with family and friends? Every Friday at 1 pm we will get together for a fun game of Mahjong here at the library. Learn the rules of this traditional Chinese game and play some Mahjong.  No experience necessary. For adults only.

Movie Time

On Thursday, January 25th at 4pm, come to the library and enjoy a movie and free popcorn!

After years of being sheltered from the human world, the Turtles set out to win the hearts of New Yorkers and be accepted as normal teenagers through heroic acts. But they soon get in over their heads when an army of mutants is unleashed upon them.

Teen Club

Are you in middle or high school?  On Wednesday, January 31st at 4 pm, come hang out with your friends to do crafts, watch anime, and decompress from the stresses of life.

Game Day

On Friday, February 2nd starting at 4 pm, join us to play video games, board games and card games. This event is open to all ages, bring a friend or family member to try out a new game!

Mardi Gras Bunco

On Friday, February 9th at noon, come to our Mardi Gras themed Bunco Party!

We will have masks, beads and prizes! Seating is limited. (Snacks will be served)

Library and Lunch

On Wednesday, February 14th​ at Noon, our book club will meet to discuss “The Lonely Hearts Book Club” by Lucy Gilmore. Bring your lunch and join the discussion.

Valentine’s Day Inspired Book Display

With Valentine’s day coming soon, we’ve put together a Valentine’s day inspired book display. Here are a few of the romance novels on display.

Say You’ll Be Mine
by Naina Kumar

Meghna Raman defied her parents’ wishes and followed her life’s passion, becoming a theater teacher and aspiring playwright. When she discovers that her beloved writing partner, best friend, and secret crush, Seth, is engaged she realizes he’s about to become the one-that-got-away. Determined to try and move on, Meghna agrees to let her parents introduce her to a potential match. Maybe she could marry the engineer that her parents still wish she’d become.

Grumpy engineer Karthik Murthy has agreed to his mother’s matchmaking attempts to make her happy, never dreaming he would meet someone as vibrant as Meghna. A fake engagement could help Meghna soothe the sting of planning Seth’s wedding festivities and help Karthik avoid the absurd number of set-ups his mother has planned for him.

As the two find common ground and start for each other, an undeniable chemistry emerges. But soon, their insecurities threaten something that’s become a lot more real than they’d planned.

Raiders of the Lost Heart
by Jo Segura

Archaeologist Dr. Socorro “Corrie” Mejía has a bone to pick. Literally. It’s been Corrie’s life goal to lead an expedition deep into the Mexican jungle in search of the long-lost remains of her ancestor, Chimalli, an ancient warrior of the Aztec empire. But when she is invited to join an all-expenses-paid dig to do just that, Corrie is sure it’s too good to be true…and she’s right.

As the world-renowned expert on Chimalli, by rights Corrie should be leading the expedition, not sharing the glory with her disgustingly handsome nemesis. But Dr. Ford Matthews has been finding new ways to best her since they were in grad school. Ford certainly isn’t thrilled either—with his life in shambles, the last thing he needs is a reminder of their rocky past.

But as the dig begins, it becomes clear they’ll need to work together when they realize a thief is lurking around their campsite, forcing the pair to keep their discoveries—and lingering attraction—under wraps. With money-hungry artifact smugglers, the Mexican authorities, and the lies between them closing in, there’s only one way this all ends—explosively.

by Lauren Forsythe

Coder Marina Spicer has no time to waste when it comes to love. Frustrated by the online dating world, she created Dealbreakers, an anonymous app where women review how men stack up to their internet profiles. Her high standards have served her well at work, so why not in love?

Enter Lucas Kennedy. A charming Irish content writer, he’s the only one standing between Marina and her long-deserved promotion. Much to Marina’s chagrin, the two are paired on a project to test out dating ideas. Looking him up in Dealbreakers hoping to learn some dirt about her rival, she finds he’s the worst-rated man on the entire app.

As Lucas and Marina argue their way through mixing cocktails, salsa dancing, and throwing axes, Marina finds herself having more fun than she’s had in years. So when temptation becomes too strong to resist, Marina allows herself to break some of her own rules. After all, if the Dealbreakers say he’s Mr. Wrong, he can’t possibly be Mr. Right . . . can he?

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