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Family Place Libraries logoThe older kids have hopefully settled in to the back-to-school routine.  Now you are wondering ways to get your little kids out and involved in something new and different. There are lots of great things for toddlers and pre-schoolers to do around Liberal, this program is aimed at families with kids zero to five years of age.

Imagine a room filled with toys.  These are different toys than the ones that you have at home.  When you walk into this room, your child immediately runs off to play, eyes wide with excitement.  This is how it is on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 at Liberal Memorial Library during our Parent/Child Workshop, part of the Family Place Library.  We pull out all of the toys that we have and let kids play for an hour.  Parents are encouraged to play with their children and meet some of the other parents – hopefully forming friendships over the five weeks of the workshop, giving parents someone to turn to if they have problems or need help with something later on or just want to schedule a play date.

In addition to the toys and meeting other parents, each week we have a different professional from the community to mingle with the parents.  In the past we’ve had speech pathologists, nutritionists, psychologists, nurses and a whole lot of other experts that can answer questions and give trusted advice.  Don’t worry, there isn’t any long speech to get through with a wiggling toddler on your lap.  The expert of the week is going to mingle with the parents, answering their questions in a one-on-one setting.

You may be afraid to come to the library for the Family Place Library play time, thinking that you are going to have to shush your kids because they are in a library.  The library will be bustling with activity, so the more the merrier.

Still not sure if you want to sign up or maybe you don’t want to make a commitment without knowing how fun the library can be.  Come to the library any time we are open with your children, and see the Family Place Library toys that are always out.  We have lots that we pull out just for parent/child workshop, but there are always toys to play with.

There are real goals behind all of this playing in the library.  The program aims to give parents access to local professionals who serve as a resource to parents.  In addition, the program should highlight the role of parents as the first teachers of their children.  For kids, the workshop facilitates early intervention and teaches strategies for healthy child development and early literacy.  Playing really is a child’s job and the Family Place Child Parent/Child Workshop is one way that the community is helping parents and children.  Family Place Library is a Building Blocks Project that is funded through and Early Childhood Block Grand awarded by the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund to Russell Child Development Center.  It’s a great program that everyone in the library is excited to have.  We hope that we see you in September at the Family Place Library Parent/Child Workshop!

The details

What: Family Place Library Parent/Child Workshop
When: September 18 & 25th, October 2, 9 & 16th from 6:30 to 7:30 at Liberal Memorial Library.
Who:  Children ages 0-5, their siblings and parents

What:  Play time for families with kids aged zero to five, with all of your parenting questions answered.

How much:  Free!  (Yay!)
For more information or to register: Call 626-0180 or stop by the library at 519 N. Kansas Avenue.  Or be our friend on our Facebook page to get up-to-the-minute news – 

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