Holidays at the Library – 2015

The holidays can be busy times for everyone. Shopping, making long trips to visit family, making your home ready to receive visiting family, planning, cooking, baking for holiday parties at school and work… This time of year can seem more like a marathon than anything else.

It’s good to take a few pauses during the season and refresh ourselves with a bit of comfort and self-care. This is where the library has you covered. Not only do we have calming activities to give you a chance to catch your breath and be creative without pressure or worry, but we have quiet places in the library to hole up for a bit with a magazine or book. Our magazine lounge is always freshly stocked with the latest issues of dozens of magazines, has a wonderful view of the outside park, and plenty of greenery to soothe the soul and provide extra oxygen.

We have large tables to lay out your holiday tasks as you organize or complete them, plenty of craft and cooking books for ideas to make things a little extra special, and a computer lab for printing those special recipes from the web, or writing holiday letters to catch up with the family, which you can print in full color. ($1.00 color; .20 black and white)

Maybe you need some audio books for the long drive, or you need some DVDs to hole up in the house for a few days? We have that too.

What about all that soothing community stuff I talked about earlier? We have that happening too. On Wednesday the 2nd, we’ll be making wreaths with all age groups! Noon for adults, 4pm for kids, and 6pm for teens. If that’s too stressful, Leslie Bissel will be on hand Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm to talk about  stress management.

Monday the 7th we have Recipe Swap, where you can pick up some new favorite recipes and try them out too, and Friday the 11th at noon, join us for some stress relieving Adult Coloring.

Check our schedule for all of our December events, including two weeks of activities for kids and teens over the winter break, each day with a theme, including Teddy Bear and Pajama day, and our Noon Year’s Eve party of the 31st.

We hope to see you at the library!

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