Free Early Learning Software

Labor Day

The Library will be closed tomorrow, September 1st, for Labor Day. The first Monday of September has been dedicated to the workers of our nation since Congress passed the act in 1894. Before that, the idea of a workingman’s holiday was driven by the labor movement of the late 19th century.

Early learning eBooks and games through the library

We all know how important it is to offer early learning opportunities to our kids, whether it’s through reading to or with them or through fun and educational games. Here are a few free and fun online activities that the library has to offer.


ABCmouse is the newest addition to our lineup. It is offered free to libraries. If you are inside the library you can go to from one of the library’s computers or your own device to get free access to the full online curriculum. It is geared toward preschooler through kindergarteners and consists of consist of books, puzzles, games, songs, art activities, and/or printables and covers the subjects of Reading, Math, Science, Art, Colors and Music.

TumbleBooks Library

TumbleBooks library has animated talking picture books. TumbleBooks also has puzzles and games, chapter books, a language learning section, and non-fiction books. There is no login or no software required; it is accessed directly online using a browser on your computer or mobile device. You can follow the link to it either on our library’s website,, or the state’s website,


BookFlix also has animated talking picture books, but they are each paired with a non-fiction book. The books are grouped by subjects that you can browse through to find a pairing you’d like to read. Each pairing includes links to puzzles, games, and other things about the subject. No software required, and it is also accessed directly online. To access it, sign in to your Kansas Library Card,, then click the BookFlix access link.

Kansas Library Cards are free to any Kansas resident and can be obtained at any Kansas Library. They are different from your regular local library card.

Britannica E-STAX

Another new addition is Britannica E-STAX. It’s offered through the State Library and is a nonfiction ebook service for Pre-K to Grade 12. You can browse through the ebook collection by title or subject, or you can use the search bar to find what you want. The books can be read online using a browser or offline on a PC/Mac, iPad, or Android tablet using the optional iPublishCentral Reader. To access Britannica E-STAX, sign in to your Kansas Library Card,, then click the Britannica E-STAX access link.