Free Books for New Parents – A Baby’s Bookshelf

The librlogo 2ary has a relatively new program to help parents and their babies to get in the habit of reading from an early age. The program, called A Baby’s Bookshelf is aimed at newborns. The goal of the program, which is funded by the Friends of the Library is to get books into the hands of babies in the community. Sign up your baby and come to the library before the baby is two years old. Every two months, when you come to the library, your baby will get a book that they can take home absolutely free. The earlier you start, the more books you get! We have books available in English and Spanish!

You may be asking why you should read to your baby. Studies have shown that children need attention, bonding and communication for healthy brain development. Reading to a child is doing all of these at once. You are interacting with your child, communicating with your child and holding your child close to you when you share books with them. Books (even books for children) have a different set of vocabulary than spoken speech does, which is important for the growing brain. Reading at an early age helps your baby’s brain to develop!
At first, when your baby is still small, you might only be able to read for a few minutes at a time. Try doing that a few times a day. By the time your child is older, he or she will be able to pay attention to books for longer periods of time.

Reading to your children from birth is super important. By the time a child is three years old, a lot of the brain is already developed. That means that it is the first three years that are important for babies. The Baby’s Bookshelf is just one of the ways that the library is helping these children have a good start in life. Other programs that we have are Family Place Library and a Baby’s Lapsit for children under the age of two on Tuesdays at 11:15. Parents of children are invited to come and read stories, sing songs and play. It is a lot of fun, totally free, and no registration is required. Little ones get a chance to meet new friends. Pick up a calendar while you are picking up your book!

If you are a parent of a baby, come to the library, join our Baby’s Bookshelf program and see what the library has to offer. Bringing your baby to the library will do a lot for your child. Not only can you start your own family library but you can also use our other services designed for children and families while at the library. The Baby’s Bookshelf program is a good way to introduce your babies to books at an early age and new parents are encouraged to participate in this valuable program.

If you have any questions about this program or any other program at the library, give the library a call at 626-0180 or email me at