What’s happening at the Library

I know we often use this space to tell everyone what is happening with the library. We have a lot to tell you. Something is always happening.

Tomorrow, our After School Learning Club (ASLC) begins for all school age kids, and it will run 4-6 pm, Monday through Thursday. Our children’s story times are in full swing, and this month we are having a special Doctor Who party, on Saturday, September 19th at 10 am, to celebrate the return of Doctor Who on BBC America. And this party is going to be great. We have Doctor Who crafts you can make, like your very own tiny TARDIS. There’ll be Doctor Who snacks, Doctor Who costumes (wear yours!), episodes to watch, and discussions about your favorite characters.

I’m still working with young adults, and we want all of them to visit us on their special After School day on Thursdays. We’ve even gotten a new PS4, to make even more multi-player games available. We’re also starting a Girl Scout troop (register at www.kansasgirlscouts.org) and are looking forward to bringing guests into our after school club.

Something is always happening with the kids and the young adults. We have lapsit for 0-18 months, and we have game days for teens. There is one thing that sometimes flies under the radar, though. Our adult programs. Yes, programming isn’t just story times, and hands-on learning for school-age kids. We have learning, enrichment and relaxation opportunities for adults.

Our most popular adult program is Recipe Swap (last Monday of every month, 6:30 pm). I know what you’re thinking–it sounds like something your grandmother would do. But the secret part of recipe swap is that we all bring a sample of that recipe for everyone to taste. It ends up being a tiny buffet table every weeks. I’m sure you can see why a lot of people come. Last month’s theme was ice cream, and September’s is crock pot foods. We’re a fun, easy-going bunch.

The Library and Lunch book club meets the second Tuesday of every month at noon, and is an opportunity to discuss a new book, and relax with fellow readers. We also have a non-fiction book club on the last Tuesday of every month (6:30 pm), for people who like factual books with strong narratives by intelligent and thoughtful writers.

Rounding out the group is our Third Tuesday Adult Crafts evening (6:30 pm). It’s an opportunity to learn how to make something new, and be creative in a relaxing and friendly environment. If you talk to kids all day, enjoy some time talking to us grownups. If you talk to grownups all day, enjoy a conversation with some new friends while we release stress and learn some new skills. I like to think we are a calming, happy bunch. Join us and let us know for sure!

Like I said, we talk so much about what’s going on at the library, which we like. And we are very good at. But we’d also like to hear from you! What else do you think we should do? We’ve had ideas for Doctor Who and Anime clubs, coloring nights for adults, dedicated video console and computer game play, crocheting, lectures with experts and community members with stories to share, writing groups, and daytime adult programs for parents and others who have time in the mornings.

What should we do? Do you have more ideas? Have questions about the programs we already have, for any age group? Do you want to help? Come visit us at the library, and let us know! Or email tammyg@lmlibrary.org and shoot us some ideas!