Open House at the Library

I would like to invite everyone to the library’s Open House on Tuesday at 6 pm. If you haven’t been to the library in a while, now is a great time to see how the library has changed and also learn about what events we have coming up. If you are a library regular, you can come and learn what the library has in store for the new year, including events and planned renovations!

We will have the newly renovated Downstairs Activity Area open for you to see. For those who haven’t been downstairs recently, we pulled up the carpet and put down a light blue vinyl tile. It’s easier to clean, and a lot more practical since we do serve food and drinks downstairs. We also replaced the carpet on the stairs. We had previously moved the Adult Computers upstairs, and we also moved our genealogy materials upstairs. We also got new tables, new tablecloths, and new chairs! The space looks brighter and a lot more inviting for kids and adults alike.

The Downstairs area is a great, big space where we do lots of fun stuff! It’s where we show movies, do crafts, play board games, build with Legos, and play on the Playstation 4, X-Box, and Wii. We also have our special summertime guests such as Mad Science and Rattlesnake Andy downstairs, and this area is where the school system serves free lunches over the summer. Other special events including Gingerbread House Decorating also take place downstairs.

During our Open House, we will also have some displays about what the library is planning for 2017! We would like to update the Children’s Room, including putting down new carpet, getting new tables and chairs, and incorporating a “Storytime Forest” theme. This will give the children’s area a fresh, new look that will be inviting for children of all ages and their parents. We would also like to update the reading lounge area on our adult side, including bringing in new furniture. Then, those who enjoy relaxing and reading in the library will have a cozy, updated area to do so! Come to the Open House to see some of the ideas of what the renovations could look like!

Plus, I will be doing a special storytime during our Open House! Listen to some fun stories, sing songs, and do a cool craft! We will be talking about dinosaurs, and reading one of my favorite books, Dinosaur vs. The Library! Make a dinosaur puppet during craft time to take home and play with. Kids and adults of all ages are welcome to come to the Open House and enjoy the storytime.

At the Open House, we will also have event calendars available, so that you can see what’s going on at the library in January! If you aren’t a library regular, you might be surprised at all of the events we offer for kids, teens, and adults! We will also be serving refreshments during the Open House, so come enjoy free food and drink as you explore all the library has to offer.