Celebrate Kansas Reads to Preschoolers with a Walk down Kansas Avenue!

Today is the beginning of Kansas Reads to Preschoolers, an annual week-long celebration that promotes reading to preschool aged children.  Most of the libraries around the state are participating with special events and by reading the same book to children from birth to age five.  The book this year is titled Is Everyone Ready for Fun?  by Jan Thomas. Last year, Liberal Memorial Library read the Kansas reads to preschoolers book to almost 450 preschool aged kids around the community, and this year we are going to try to beat that and read to even more children in the community.

Because Is Everyone Ready for Fun? is such a fun book for kids of all ages and because the book promotes physical activity, in addition to all of the story times and class visits that we are doing this week, we have also made a StoryWalk down Kansas.  Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what a StoryWalk was, but it’s simple and fun.  Basically, we cut up a copy of the book Is Everyone Ready for Fun? and posted it in the windows of businesses down Kansas Avenue.  At each business, you stop, read a page and then walk to the next business to read the next page.  The StoryWalk starts and ends at the library.  Below, you will find a list of the 17 great businesses that have a page posted in their windows.  We are super excited that they have all agreed to give up a part of their display windows for this project.  When you finish the StoryWalk, be sure to sign the StoryWalk guest book and have your children pick up their prizes.  It’s a good way to get out of the house, take a walk and read a book.  The StoryW alk will be up in windows for two weeks, and the weather this week is looking a little more promising than last week.  The StoryWalk Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition and the Kellogg Hubbard Library.

Whether you do the StoryWalk or not, just make sure to read to your children.  It is one of the most important things you can do for them as parents.  Remember, Liberal Memorial Library is here to help.  We have regular story times, parenting books and free library cards for everyone in the community.  Come and check us out.

StoryWalk Route:  Start at #1 and go in order to read Is Everyone Ready for Fun?

  1. Liberal Memorial Library
  2. Sharp McQueen Law Office
  3. Southern Office Supply
  4. Circle D Appliance
  5. Landmark Real Estate Center
  6. Farmers Insurance
  7. Sisters Boutique and Gifts
  8. 5 Estrellas/Five Stars
  9.  Earles Engineering and Inspection
  10. Meemas
  11. Leader and Times Newspaper
  12. Heritage Real Estate
  13. Flowers by Girlfriends
  14.  My Dream Boutique
  15. Yippee Yi Yea
  16. Burlap and Blossoms
  17. Brier and Hale Music
  18. Borjas Sattelites
  19.  Liberal Memorial Library.