Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s what’s coming up at the library for the rest of May:

  • The library is seeking donations of fleece (pieces no smaller than 1 yard) to make blankets for the Comfort for Critters charity organization. Donations can be dropped off through May 31.
  • Bunco, our popular dice game for adults, will be on Thursday, the 18th at noon. Registration is required, so talk to Shannon if you’re interested in playing! Adults only, snacks provided.
  • We have Storytimes for kids twice weekly, Tuesdays at 6 pm and Thursdays at 11:15 am!
  • We’re building a better library in our Children’s Room, so that area of the library will be closed for renovations on Friday & Saturday, May 19th-20th. The Children’s Room is being transformed into a beautiful storybook forest.
  • Recipe Swap will be on Tuesday the 23rd at 6:30 pm. Bring something you’ve made along with the recipe and enjoy everyone else’s dishes! This month’s theme is red, white, and/or blue food.
  • Don’t forget, the library will be closed Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day.
  • Looking forward, our Summer Reading Program starts on June 1! You can sign up your kids and teens now on our website, http://lmlibrary.org/

Today is the day we celebrate Mother’s Day! Thank you to all the moms out there, whether you are raising kids now or your kids are all grown. Thank you also to those who have acted as “moms,” whether grandmothers, aunts, or others. I have a few recommendations for good kids’ books that celebrate mothers:

Mom School by Rebecca Van Slyke: A child imagines what lessons are taught at Mom School, which cover everything from pitching a ball slowly enough for a child to hit it to building a fort out of couch cushions. School Library Journal calls it, “An appealing addition to read at Mother’s Day and throughout the year.”

What Mommies Do Best by Laura Joffe Numeroff: Mommies can do lots of things, like teach you how to ride a bike, sew a loose button on your teddy bear, and read you a cozy bedtime story. But what do they do best? The answer is made perfectly clear in this irresistible celebration of parents and the everyday things they do. School Library Journal says this book is, “A perfect cuddly bedtime or storytime read-aloud choice.”

My Mommy Is Magic by Carl Norac: Is there anyone more magical than Mommy? She can kiss a booboo and make it better. She can chase monsters away after a bad dream. And she can make a delicious cake appear right out of thin air! This charming book captures a toddler’s love and admiration for her mother with warmth and humor. It’s the perfect way to celebrate mothers – those everyday magicians who not only do it all but make it look so easy. Booklist Reviews says, “This warm picture book encourages kids to notice and feel the small family moments that add up to love.”

Children’s Books About September 11

Since today is September 11, I thought I would tell you about some of our Children’s books about the terrorist attacks of 2001. These books can help children too young to remember the attacks understand what happened on that day. The first two books are fiction, while the last three are non-fiction.

i-survived-9-11I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001 by Lauren Tarshis: The only thing Lucas loves more than football is his Uncle Benny, his dad’s best friend at the fire department where they both work. Benny taught Lucas everything about football.

So when Lucas’s parents decide the sport is too dangerous and he needs to quit, Lucas has to talk to his biggest fan. So the next morning, Lucas takes the train to the city instead of the bus to school. It’s a bright, beautiful day in New York. But just as Lucas arrives at his uncle’s firehouse, everything changes — and nothing will ever be the same again.

towers-fallingTowers Falling by Jewell Parker Rhodes: When her fifth-grade teacher hints that a series of lessons about home and community will culminate with one big answer about two tall towers once visible outside their classroom window, Deja can’t help but feel confused. She sets off on a journey of discovery, with new friends Ben and Sabeen by her side.

But just as she gets closer to answering big questions about who she is, what America means, and how communities can grow (and heal), she uncovers new questions, too. Like, why does Pop get so angry when she brings up anything about the towers?

Surviving 9/11 by Paul C. Challen: An event still fresh in our collective memory, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, are an integral part of the United States’ identity and politics today. This title explains what happened in the lead-up to the attacks, on the fateful day itself, and in the aftermath, guiding readers through the emergency response to an unprecedented disaster. The first-hand stories of survivors and first responders bring this historic tragedy to a personal level as readers learn about how America responded to and grew stronger from 9/11.

america-is-under-attackAmerica is Under Attack: September 11, 2001: The Day the Towers Fell by Don Brown: The events of September 11, 2001 changed the world forever. In the fourth installment of the Actual Times series, Don Brown narrates the events of the day in a way that is both accessible and understandable for young readers.

Straightforward and honest, this account moves chronologically through the morning, from the terrorist plane hijackings to the crashes at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania; from the rescue operations at the WTC site in New York City to the collapse of the buildings. Vivid watercolor illustrations capture the emotion and pathos of the tragedy making this an important book about an unforgettable day in American history.

hero-dogsHero Dogs: Courageous Canines in Action by Donna M. Jackson: Award-winning journalist and nonfiction author Donna M. Jackson takes an in-depth look at extraordinary canines and the role they play in the daily lives of humans. Featuring real stories from the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, along with historical and scientific facts and dramatic photographs, this book explores some incredibly heroic and heartwarming moments. From bomb-sniffing dogs to guide dogs to avalanche rescue dogs to therapy dogs, these true stories of amazing canines will engage and fascinate readers of all ages.