Getting ready for Spring at the Library

What’s happening this week

  • Tuesday at 6:30 pm Recipe Swap – Join us for Recipe Swap and share your favorite recipes with fellow patrons who share your passion — cooking! Every month is a different theme! This month’s theme is “Anything Irish or anything green“.
  • Tuesday at 6 pm Storytime – If you can’t make it to the morning storytime on Thursday, you can come to the evening Tuesday one instead.
  • Thursday at 11:15 am Storytime – Listen to stories, sing songs, and do a craft. Storytimes are open to children of all ages.

The Library will be closed for Good Friday and Easter on Friday, April 14th and 15th.


March Book Madness

We are now down to our Final Four books in Liberal Memorial Library’s March Book Madness. On March 17th our patrons selected their favorites to become the Elite Eight out of sixteen books. The Sweet Sixteen books were chosen from a list of books that were checked out most during the last two years.

Last Friday the eight were reduced to four and this coming Friday we will tally all of the votes to see which two books will become the finalists for our 2017 Champion Book of the Year.

So be sure to vote either in person at the library, or online at for the adult book tournament and for the kid’s book version.


Purchase Suggestions

We now have a form on our website where patrons can leave suggestions about items they would like the library to purchase. So if you would like the library to carry more books about a certain subject, or if you want the library to get the latest book by your favorite author, you can leave us a suggestion at


Gardening Books

Waterwise plants for sustainable gardens : 200 drought-tolerant choices
by Lauren Springer Ogden and Scott Ogden.

From the book description
People everywhere are facing the realities of restricted water availability. Yet sustainable gardens and landscapes that use less water don’t have to be boring. The key to keeping your garden beautiful and waterwise is intelligent plant choice.

This practical and inspiring guide includes all kinds of plants, from trees to succulents, from perennials to bulbs, selected for their wide adaptability and ornamental value.

Grow great grub : organic food from small spaces
by Gayla Trail

From the book description
Your patio, balcony, rooftop, front stoop, boulevard, windowsill, planter box, or fire escape is a potential fresh food garden waiting to happen. In Grow Great Grub, Gayla Trail, the founder of the leading online gardening community (, shows you how to grow your own delicious, affordable, organic edibles virtually anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to eat on a budget or simply experience the pleasure of picking tonight’s meal from right outside your door, this is the must-have book for small-space gardeners–no backyard required.

Rodale’s Vegetable Garden Problem Solver
by Fern Marshall Bradley

From the book description
With the latest research, breakthroughs, and troubleshooting advice, Rodales Vegetable Garden Problem Solver features hundreds of organic and natural solutions for tackling disease, pest, and weed problems.

No matter what challenge crops up in your vegetable garden, you’ll discover all the answers you need to find solutions fast and keep your crops on track.

All new square foot gardening : the revolutionary way to grow more in less space
by Mel Bartholomew

From the book description
Square Foot Gardening works; over two million gardeners will agree. That’s how many folks have put Mel Bartholomew’s innovation grid-based method to the test over the years, and always with the same result: more produce in less space with less work.

In this exciting new edition of All New Square Foot Gardening, you’ll find all of Mel’s secrets revealed and all of his techniques explained. Your Square Foot Garden can be created practically anywhere. This beautiful new edition also contains all-new information on popular topics like gardening with kids and controlling pests.

March Madness

Here’s what’s coming up at the library for the rest of March:

  • Storytime: Tuesdays at 6 pm & Thursdays at 11:15 am. Join us for stories, songs, and a craft!
  • Library & Lunch: Tuesday the 14th at noon. Bring your lunch and join us for a discussion of the book Black Coffee by Agatha Christie.
  • Videogame Day: Tuesday the 14th at 2 pm. Play our Wii, X-Box, or Playstation 4! All ages welcome. Snacks provided.
  • Bunco: Thursday the 16th at noon. Join our popular dice game! Registration is required, so check out our website at or talk to Shannon. Adults only, snacks provided.
  • Patrick’s Day Party: Friday the 17th at 1 pm. Kids of all ages are invited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a craft! Plus, we will watch the movie Dwegons and Leprechauns. Popcorn and lemonade will be served during the movie.
  • Beginner’s 3D Printing Workshop: Monday the 20th at 6:00 pm: Come to our beginner’s workshop to learn how to use the library’s 3D Printer! We will walk through the process of finding a print-ready file online that you can print as is or alter to fit your needs. Sign up at the front desk or online at
  • Be A Clown Workshop: Saturday the 25th at 1 pm: Kids, learn how to be a clown from Poppa D. Clown! Learn how to juggle, do magic, do rope tricks, paint faces, tie balloon animals, perform skits, use puppets, play games, and tell stories.
  • Recipe Swap: Tuesday the 28th at 6:30 pm: Bring an Irish dish or a green food along with the recipe and enjoy everyone else’s creations!

March Book Madness 2017 Tournament of BooksMarch Madness, also known as the NCAA basketball tournament, will be starting this week, so I thought I would tell you about some good children’s books about basketball!

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander: Winner of the 2015 Newberry Medal. Josh Bell and his twin brother Jordan are awesome on the court. But Josh has more than basketball in his blood, he’s got mad beats, too, that tell his family’s story in verse, in this fast and furious middle grade novel of family and brotherhood. Josh and Jordan must come to grips with growing up on and off the court to realize breaking the rules comes at a terrible price, as their story’s heart-stopping climax proves a game-changer for the entire family.

Hoop Genius: How A Desperate Teacher And A Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball by John Coy: Taking over a rowdy gym class right before winter vacation is not something James Naismith wants to do at all. The last two teachers of this class quit in frustration. The students–a bunch of energetic young men–are bored with all the regular games and activities. Naismith needs something new, exciting, and fast to keep the class happy–or someone’s going to get hurt. Saving this class is going to take a genius. Discover the true story of how Naismith invented basketball in 1891 at a school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Basket Ball by Esme Raji Cordell: Lulu prefers playing basketball to playing with dolls. So when the boys won’t let her join their school-yard team, she decides to host a Basket Ball—where ball gowns are traded in for sequined basketball jerseys and high-top heels! Girls travel from all over the world to attend the ball, shooting hoops, showing off their skills, and forming a league of their own.

Bestselling and award-winning author Codell has crafted an action-packed, slam-dunk picture book that will appeal to girlie girls and sporty girls alike.